Transportation Systems Management & Operations

Optimizing the Performance of Existing Transportation Systems

More and more cities and regions are focusing on management and operations as a cost-effective solution to improve the mobility, reliability and accessibility of their transportation systems. Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) is a set of strategies that focus on operational improvements that can maintain and even restore the performance of the existing transportation system before extra capacity is needed. Many solutions are part of the TSMO toolbox including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and roadway design.

TSMO and ITS in the Atlanta Region

The Atlanta region has always demonstrated a commitment to management and operations solutions. In preparation for the 1996 Olympics for example, the Advanced Transportation Management System, NAVIGATOR, was developed. NAVIGATOR uses video detection, radar detectors, and more than 450 closed-circuit television cameras to monitor traffic flow and upgraded more than 400 traffic intersections to improve signal coordination throughout Atlanta and the metropolitan region.

In 2016 ARC held a TSMO Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Self-Assessment Workshop to evaluate the state of the practice and develop next steps in advancing the effectiveness of regional TSMO efforts. Several next steps outlined through the workshop including establishing a TSMO vision for the region and creating guidance for our local partners on expanding their TSMO capabilities will be addressed in our current TSMO planning process.

Joint Data Purchasing Program: Free O-D Data!

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) have teamed together to purchase statewide Origin-Destination (O-D) data and an associated analytics suite for all of their public and private sector transportation partners.

Statewide origin-destination data now available!All transportation partners from the public and private sector have FREE access to statewide speed, travel time, reliability, and origin-destination data. Projects no longer need to budget for these expenses.

All transportation partners from the public and private sector have FREE access to trainings, national user groups, and support.

All projects and programs, regardless of scope, size, or budget, have uniform data analysis capabilities.

Enhanced and standardized data visualizations and metrics allow for a data-driven ability to create more practical, location-specific, and cost-effective project justifications, designs, and public engagement graphics.

If you or someone on your project team works for another public agency or private sector firm, please email and someone will help walk you through the process of getting a Data Use Agreement signed.

ARC's Regional Strategic TSMO Plan and ITS Architecture Update

ARC's work on a new TSMO plan and ITS Architecture update began in October 2018 and was finalized June 2020. There were many aspects to this planning process, creating several new resources for planners in the region to develop and implement TSMO projects.

  1. ARC TSMO Regional Inventory Summary
  2. Data Governance Best Practices
  3. Regional ITS Architecture Website
  4. Identify Pilot Concepts for Advanced Technology Deployment
  5. ARC TSMO Local Agency Deployment Guide 
  6. ARC TSMO Strategic Plan  and Executive Summary

Regional ITS Architecture

The Regional ITS Architecture is complete and can be reviewed here! We will continue taking comments using the feedback button in the top right corner.

Stakeholder Workshops

Many of the priorities we are highlighting in our Strategic Plan were gathered through our stakeholder outreach. Feel free to review our workshop materials and notes to see what the region had to say!

  1. Regional TSMO Visioning Workshop | 12/17/2018
  2. Regional ITS Architecture and Data Governance Workshop | 3/18/2019
  3. Transportation Technology Workshop | 7/15/2019
    1. Transportation Technology Workshop Presentation
    2. Transportation Technology Workshop Summary
  4. Regional TSMO Strategic Plan Workshop | 12/5/2019
    1. Strategic Plan Workshop Presentation
    2. Strategic Plan Workshop Summary

Previous TSMO Work

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