Transit Operators Subcommittee

The Transit Operators Subcommittee is responsible for discussing, evaluating and coordinating regional transit policy, funding and other issues for presentation to ARC’s Regional Transit Committee and Transportation Coordinating Committee and incorporation into the regional transportation planning process.

The subcommittee includes members from agencies that are eligible for federal transit funding in the Atlanta urbanized area. Additionally, agencies with transit funds programmed in ARC’s Transportation Improvement Program, as well as other interested parties, are invited to participate.

Committee Meetings

The Transit Operators Subcommittee generally meets on the third or fourth Friday of each month. Please call ARC at 404-463-3100 for more information.

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Current and past meeting agendas, presentations and notes

Committee Resources

The Atlanta Region Policy for the Allocation and Programming of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Programs:

  • Atlanta Region Policy for the Allocation and Programming of FTA Section 5307 and Section 5340 Urbanized Area Formula Funds (December 2016
  • Section 5307 Final Draft Policy (May 2016)
  • Section 5307 Current Policy (January 2003)
  • Section 5339 Current Policy (December 2013)