Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

2016 Edition of the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual Volumes 1 & 2

The Atlanta Regional Commission worked with the state Environmental Protection Division, the state Environmental Finance Authority, a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), and a consultant team led by AECOM to update the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (GSMM), known as the “Blue Book.”

The Blue Book provides with an up-to-date tool for managing stormwater that includes state-of-the industry practices and information, as well as information specific to Georgia.

Note – This tool was updated April 15, 2016 due to a calculation error in the previous tool. For ease of navigation, download our instructions on configuring Adobe Acrobat Reader  

Georgia Stormwater Shorts Instructional Videos

Georgia Stormwater Shorts

Georgia Stormwater Shorts are a series of short, instructional videos to help you navigate the wealth of knowledge contained in the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual and supporting documents. Our first video provides an overview and introduction to the Site Development Review Tool. Future videos will cover other aspects of the manual including an overview of GSMM best management practices. Visit our Georgia Stormwater Shorts page to view our videos.

Additional Information on the GSMM 2016 Edition

  • The Blue Book is not available in print but is formatted to allow for printing by the individual user. The manual is easily searchable in electronic format.
  • As of January 2, 2017, MS4 permittees are required to use the 2016 Edition (February 2016) as the “latest edition,” or an equivalent manual, unless located in the 24-county Coastal Nonpoint Source Management Area or Area of Special Interest.
    • Coastal communities will continue to use the First Edition (April 2009) of the Coastal Stormwater Supplement.
    • Required performance standards are enumerated in the MS4 permit. Standards listed in the 2016 Edition of the Blue Book are recommended, but not required for adoption at this time. Local jurisdictions are welcome to adopt these performance standards as desired. All MS4 communities should consult the latest versions of their permit.

Georgia Stormwater Management Manual Appendix E – Operations & Maintenance Guidance Document

This document defines a Stormwater Best Management Practice (also called a BMP or a practice), explains the importance of BMPs, shows the components of a typical BMP and offers direction and information to keep the practice operational.

Download  4.13 MB

Pollution Prevention Guidebook

A compendium of stormwater pollution prevention practices and protocols for use by government agencies, businesses and industries, institutions and the general public.

Download  2 MB

Coastal Stormwater Supplement

Developed by the Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning, this document provides specific guidance for Georgia’s coastal communities.

Blue Book 2001 edition

Looking for the original Georgia Stormwater Management manual?

Best Management Practices (BMPs) Checklists

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