Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES)

Measuring Vehicle Emissions with MOVES

The Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES) is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tool for estimating emissions from highway vehicles. MOVES has been used in Georgia since 2010 and for all Atlanta area conformity determinations since 2013.

Since its initial release, MOVES has been updated several times by the EPA. The following documents describe the methodologies used in the Atlanta region to prepare inputs for MOVES-based emissions analyses required under the Clean Air Act as part of transportation conformity in areas not meeting certain air quality standards.

MOVES2014 Methodologies

MOVES2014 includes more user input options and reflects the latest greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emission standards. MOVES2014 was used to support The Atlanta Region’s Plan, which was adopted in February 2016.

MOVES2010 Methodologies

MOVES2010 was used for conformity determinations beginning with the adoption of ARC’s PLAN 2040 Update in March 2014. It was last used for the PLAN 2040 Update Amendment #2 adopted in August 2015.